BOCC passes resolution on gun rights

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff

Bonner County commissioners unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday that states their opposition to any law restricting the Second Amendment.

The resolution, placed on the agenda at the request of Commissioner Steve Bradshaw, requests that “the governor of Idaho veto any legislation which infringes on the right of the people of Bonner County to keep and bear arms.”

Commissioner Dan McDonald said the resolution “piggybacks” the county’s preexisting civil liberties resolution, and doesn’t give the BOCC authority over federal policy — only restates the board’s position.

“It’s a little more specific to the things we see coming along here lately with these potential red flag laws,” McDonald said, referring to laws that would “allow law enforcement … relatives and other concerned parties to petition judges in order to temporarily restrict access to firearms from people who may be a harm to themselves or others,” according to NPR.

Despite a full house at Tuesday’s BOCC meeting, the resolution saw very little discussion. The only comment from the public was a “thank you” to the commissioners. 

The resolution will be sent to Gov. Brad Little.

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