Bobcat sighted on Long Bridge

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

A bobcat seeking shelter on the Long Bridge caused a stir Monday, with a Sandpoint Police Department Facebook post on the sighting becoming a minor viral hit.

Photo by Chad Vogt.

The Sandpoint Police Department Facebook post, which indicated that the bobcat was later removed from the bridge by Idaho Fish and Game, received more than 1,600 reactions and was shared 1,438 times. A photo of the bobcat , which showed the animal taking cover on a bridge barricade, accompanied the post.

“(Bonner County Sheriff Deputy Chad Vogt) saw this guy yesterday afternoon and was able to snap this photo of him,” read the post on the SPD Facebook page. “Not something we see every day, especially on the Long Bridge entering into Sandpoint!”

“This definitely is a great photo to share and an even greater reminder that we are surrounded by a variety of wildlife that occasionally find, or lose, their way into or close to town,” the post continued.

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