Bike to School Day: two wheels, one goal

By Reader Staff

Lake Pend Oreille School District Safe Routes to School invites your family to join students nationwide on Wednesday, May 9, for Bike to School Day.  

The top priority on Bike to School Day is safety. Please select a safe/age appropriate route for you and your children. Each school has available an area map for those who may wish to park and ride a shorter distance. There will be signs near the schools alerting drivers to be cautious of student bikers. Know how long it takes for your children to travel, and what distance they are able to ride before your Bike to School Day departure – nobody wants students to be tardy or exhausted when they arrive at school.

LPOSD suggests a trial ride before Bike to School Day. All riders are strongly encouraged to wear helmets. Safe Routes to School program has some helmets available to those who still need one.

LPOSD encourages participants to travel single-file on the right-hand edge of the roadway with the flow of traffic. Please display brightly colored clothing and/or a bike flag.

Families will be easier seen by drivers if traveling in a larger group, so meet up with other families to make it a group event. Each school celebrates a little differently depending upon its location relative to ease of biking to school.

Check in with each individual school to see how they’ll be celebrating biking to school this year. When strapping on the helmet, please remember to obey the rules of the road, respect motorists and pedestrians, ride smart, stay alert and have fun!

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