Beards for Bears fundraiser gets hairy

By Ben Olson
Reader Staff

Do you know someone you’ve always wanted to see in chin whiskers, but they’ve always rejected the thought? Have you longed to shout “Hey Fuzz Face!” to your special someone who always has a clean-shaven face? Now is your chance to challenge these non-beard lovers to a special fundraising activity.

Beards for Bears is a fun and fuzzy fundraiser for American Heritage Wildlife Foundation to raise funds for their much-needed black bear enclosures.

Here’s how it works: Ask your two-legged bruin to grow a beard for one week. If he accepts the challenge and sprouts whiskers, you donate $10. If he fails and shaves off the hair from his chinny chin chin, he donates $10. Extend the challenge for added furry fun (two weeks of growth = $20 donated, etc.).

If he already has a beard, challenge him to shave it and donate!

The American Heritage Wildlife Foundation, based outside of Clark Fork, is the only nonprofit facility in the panhandle with USFS and IDFG permits that allow for the rehab care for both birds and nongame mammals. Volunteers contribute over 3,000 hours, and the community raises over $10,000 annually to help their mission to keep North Idaho wild.

Currently, if someone in Bonner County came across an orphaned black bear cub, the Foundation could not provide direct rehabilitive care for that cub like they can for other species. With fundraising efforts through the end of the year, they are hoping to change that.

Make a bear out of the man in your life. Challenge him to grow his beard and donate to help local bears. Visit American Heritage Wildlife Foundation’s website at for more information.

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