Bandwagon: Dimestore Prophets, July 13, 219 Lounge

If the Dimestore Prophets’ online persona is any indication of how fun the band will be in a live setting, Saturday night is sure to be a good time at the 219.

Hilarious and sometimes overtly dumb memes pepper the Moses Lake, Wash., trio’s Facebook page, mingled with enthusiastic shoutouts to recently-visited venues. The consistent and seemingly genuine online banter between the band and its fans makes it clear that these bearded guys are damn nice and aren’t afraid to have fun. 

Dimestore Prophets is known for feel-good music, blending groove, rock and reggae to create energetic originals and inject new life into old favorites. 

The band has been gigging throughout the Pacific Northwest since 2010 and has a few tunes available on Spotify and bandcamp. Follow the Dimestore Prophets and you’ll see their meme game is strong; listen and you’ll hear their music game is stronger.

— Lyndsie Kiebert 

9 p.m.-midnight, FREE, 219 Lounge, 219 N. First Ave., 208-263-5673,

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