Artists’ Studio Tour gives behind-the- scenes view of area studios

By Ben Olson
Reader Staff

There is a backstory to every piece of artwork — an influence and undoubtedly a studio where it all came together. Visiting these studios can give art lovers the opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see how some of their favorite local artists create the magic that is their art.

A map showing the 17 studios open for visitation during the Artists’ Studio Tour. Courtesy image.

Once a year, North Idaho artists open their studio doors to share their processes with the general public. This year, 20 artists spread across 17 locations will open their studios from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Friday-Sunday, Aug. 9-11 and Friday-Saturday, Aug. 16-17. The self-guided tour can be taken as slowly or quickly as you wish.

Participating artists include: Carolyn Beckwith, Jola (Yola) Bitler, Larry Clark, Bruce Duykers, Vickie Edwards, Pauline Ehly, Don Fisher, Doug Flückiger, Susan Gallo, Steve Gevurtz, Terrie Kremer, Whitney Palmer, Rob Payne, Earl Petznick, Kim Powers, Connie Scherr, Eli Sevenich, Jodie Stejer, Lucy West and Mary Gayle Young.

“We think you’ll love your self-scheduled drive through local highways and byways, around the lake and among the mountains, as you explore brand new art during this year’s tour,” Tour director Petja Scheele wrote.

For a brochure featuring detailed information about each artist and driving directions to studios, visit If you are on the tour and are lost, call 208-265-1776.

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