2019 election: Nine candidates vie for four Sandpoint city offices, including mayor

By Reader Staff

In case you missed it, we’re facing down an election on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and the slate of 2019 candidates for office in Sandpoint has been confirmed. 

By way of a reminder, there are four hopefuls running for mayor: Billy Guinan, Ken Lawrence, incumbent Mayor Shelby Rognstad and current Sandpoint City Council President Shannon Williamson. Mayoral terms run for four years.

Meanwhile, five candidates are seeking three seats on the Sandpoint City Council currently held by Bill Aitken, Thomas Eddy and Deb Ruehle. 

Council candidates include: Andy Groat, Jacque Guinan, current Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kate McAlister, Shannon Kaye Mitchell and incumbent Councilmember Ruehle.

Council positions are established in four-year terms, which are staggered every two years in order to maintain continuity and ensure not every seat is open simultaneously.

Look for more area election coverage in the Reader as we get closer to the big day in November.

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