101 Women appoint new board members

Fall 2020 grant cycle deadline Oct. 1

By Reader Staff

Local nonprofit 101 Women Sandpoint has appointed three new board members and is gearing up for its fall 2020 grant cycle, which is focused on supporting nonprofit organizations tackling education, arts, recreation and the environment.

Katherine Greenland, Kristine Battey and Vicki Reich have joined the 101 Women board, which leverages membership fees to provide monetary support to a variety of nonprofit causes. The group holds bi-annual meetings, at which three local organizations give presentations. At the end of each meeting, 101 Women chooses one organization to receive up to a $10,000 donation drawn from $25 annual membership fees and $100 contributions from each member at each member event. Members must commit to at least two events per year.

Organizers see the format as “a simple way for women to unite and create power in numbers for giving to local organizations.”

Nonprofits hoping to participate in the fall 2020 grant cycle must submit the necessary materials by Oct. 1 at 5 p.m. The grant application is available at 101womensandpoint.com/grant-application.

Organizations invited to partake in the spring 2021 grant cycle include nonprofits dedicated to “social services and addressing basic needs in the community.”

Those interested in joining 101 Women — which is currently seeking new members — can contact the board at [email protected]

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