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Dear Editor,

When our family moved to Sandpoint in 2012, we quickly realized that our new home boasted a unique culture centered on community.

We have had the pleasure to immerse ourselves into the culture of Bonner Country and Sandpoint, which has proven very rewarding for us and our children. We have seen a culture which values diversity and encourages independence, while respecting each other’s differences in thought. We have seen a culture of support. A culture that supports each other, charitable organizations and schools. We have seen a culture of trust. Trust that working together for the betterment of this community is the best way.

On March 14, we will ask our community to support the LPOSD Supplemental Replacement Levy. For some, this is an easy choice and your decision is made. For others this decision is more difficult. If you are on the fence about the levy, we would encourage you to look for the facts regarding what is funded through this measure. Ask the facts about what will not be offered if this replacement levy fails. Our belief is that this community will again come together and display the culture of collaboration we have seen in recent years. Our belief is the educated voter will filter through non-factual, anti- LPOSD propaganda and search for the facts. Thank you for your trust in our school district and the faith in our educators. Vote YES March 14.

Kris Knowles
Assistant Principal SHS

Kelli Knowles
Principal Kootenai Elem. School

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