Small Schools are Good for Kids…

Dear Editor,

What does it say when a community supports their schools? It tells us that the children of the Hope, Clark Fork, Northside, Kootenai, Sandpoint, Sagle and Southside areas are important to those communities. We are all fortunate to live in an area that has so many small local schools. They make up the core of each community.

We no longer have children in the schools, but we still know many of the students. We have attended plays and concerts, fundraisers, football and basketball games and have supported the schools as much as possible. Like you, we have always paid our taxes. When it comes to paying our property taxes, we feel that the money that goes to our schools is well spent. We are definitely getting our money’s worth, as the small amount that we pay each year is providing for a promising future to Bonner County students.

The fact is that until our state government steps up to the plate and adequately funds education, we will need to continue to support our schools via levies. Eighty-two percent of Idaho school districts rely on local levies to keep their schools running, which means the state is not doing its job. If we want good schools, we must pick up the slack.

Our sons are both graduates of Clark Fork High School and the University of Idaho. They received an excellent education which gave them the opportunity to lead successful lives. We want to help provide those same opportunities to the students in all of our local communities. Our students are our hope for the future. Please join us in voting for the levy.

Jon and Connie Burkhart
Hope, Idaho

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