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Dear Editor,

I am a retired single woman. I own my own home in Sandpoint and pay property taxes. I don’t directly use any of the public schools. But indirectly the services provided by our schools have huge impacts on my quality of life. Some of those students will become doctors, teachers, ambulance and snow plow drivers, legislators, CEOs, presidents or the person making change for your $20 bill. The levy we’re voting on in March is not a permanent levy. It is the same levy we vote on every two years; for the past 17 years. This has nothing to do with the plant facility levy proposed last year.  This levy covers one third of the districts operating budget. That’s one-third that is not covered by State funding.  Managing a budget that is only good for two years is challenging.

Hiring quality teachers when you can only promise two years of employment is challenging. But, that’s the way this school district has operated for 17 years. This levy is NOT on top of any other levy; it is replacing the previous two-year levy. Vote for providing opportunities for the next generation. Vote for providing an environment that is conducive to learning. Vote for the betterment of our “village.”

Sandra Gore

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