Challenge to climate change…

Dear Editor,

As a visitor passing through Sandpoint today, I enjoyed my brief time in this pretty town. But it was disappointing to open the local paper (June 18 issue) and see yet another media piece that failed to ask any tough questions challenging the alarmist narrative on global warming (now rechristened “climate change” by most media outlets). For instance:

(1) Since the earth has been far warmer during multiple periods in the past than it is now, and subsequently got cooler again—all without significant human help—how do we know we aren’t experiencing another one of these natural cycles?

(2) If human activity was really the main cause of the global warming observed during the 20th century, then why did most of the warming occur during the first half of the century, while most human “greenhouse gas” emissions occurred during the second half of the century?

(3) If carbon dioxide emissions are driving global warming, why have global temperatures essentially flatlined since 1998 even as CO2 levels have continued to rise?

(4) Why has most of the warming that alarmists predicted was supposed to have happened by now failed to materialize?

For people who are independent thinkers and want to hear both sides of the story, I recommend the British documentary film “The Great Global Warming Swindle” (which you can watch for free online). is also a good source for climate science and climate-related news that many media outlets are failing to report.


San Francisco, CA

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