Cafe Bodega

A humble phenomenon

Bodega-sandwich-WEBBy Jules Fox

Reader Food Reviewer

Café Bodega might be the most experiential restaurant in Sandpoint. Nested in the heart of an antique warehouse, this humble café is cozied up in multiple shops to while away a lazy afternoon. From antiques and a basement of functional relics that date your grandparents, to homemade gelato, to yarn and books and records – you could find yourself carting home much more than a happy, full belly.

World-traveled owners David and Kate combined their love of European food with a passion for homemade delicacy and infused it with the cultural needs of a northern climate.

The result?

Hearty soups and stews, thick-cut roasted meats on home-baked breads, seasonal menus and specials, all local and organic when possible.

Flavor, comfort and health food wrapped up in stories and served hot.

The Details

Espresso and coffee drinks along with a long line of specialty teas appease the thirsty among us.

Rows of tubs of handmade gelato look back at you through the glass, daring you to sample and indulge.

Then you look at the chalkboard menu wondering which sandwich looks best? Or do I do a giant salad today? Maybe both?

Yes, people, you do both.

Café Bodega food has that rare quality like your dad made it. He was happy to make it. He’s glad you’re eating it. He wants you to do well in life, but he’s not even going to ask how things are going, he’s going to sit back and let you do all the talking while you eat.

The sandwiches (with gluten-free bread!) are piled high with meats and cheeses and vegetables and creamy condiments. Lightly toasted, freshly baked breads and succulent cuts adorned by tangy pickles on the side make for an unforgettable and often repeatable experience.

Sultry soups can cut the winter chill and warm the cockles so you can make through the winter.

The salads are piled high with greens, topped with assorted colors and nuts and seeds, then dressed casually like any proper vegetable should be.

Also, the free wifi doesn’t hurt if you want to make your new lunch place your new workplace.

Keep your eyes and ears open for open mic events and other cultural gatherings here.

Myth 1: Gelato is Jello. Or a Type of Coffee. Wait, what’s Gelato?

Gelato is a centuries-old Italian frozen dessert that is richer and smoother than ice cream. Using less milk fat and more ingredients to flavor, the process expels air pockets thus creating a denser ice cream, covering your tongue with a higher ratio of goodness per cubic spoonful.

Myth 2: Drinking Tea Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Actually that’s no myth. Drinking green tea can reduce your blood pressure by up to 50 percent. Add relaxing on a couch and enjoying conversation with friends to really double down on your heart health defenses.


Myth 3: The Food Must Be Antiques, Too

Every made-to-order dish is created from the freshest and best organic and local ingredients. With food made in-house, nothing sits around here, except hungry customers. The menu is ripe with innovative fusion and specials from cultures around the world, so dig in! (Archeology puns are always rock solid.)

Options For Restricted Diets

Gluten-Free? Yes

Locally sourced? Where possible

Vegetarian? Yes

Family Friendly? Yes

Additional Notes:

Open Monday-Saturday, 11am-5pm, Sunday 11am-4pm.

(208) 263-5911

Café Bodega

504 Oak St. #4 (On the corner of Oak St and N 5th Ave)

Sandpoint, Idaho

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