Ahrens enters senate race

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

The race for the District 1 Idaho Senate seat is shaping up with Colburn Precinct Committeeman and Legislative District One Republican Chairman Danielle Ahrens declaring her candidacy in the Republican primary election.

Ahrens will face, at a minimum, Jim Woodward in her bid for the Republican nomination to replace Sen. Shawn Keough, R-Sandpoint, as District 1 senator. Woodward announced his candidacy and endorsement by Keough in tandem with the veteran legislator’s retirement announcement.

Danielle Ahrens.

“The primary election will sure give a wide choice to the voters and I think that’s great,” Ahrens said. “The more voices and perspectives you have in a conversation the better the solutions.”

In her campaign announcement, Ahrens said that if elected, she intends to focus on business, jobs and natural resources if she is elected. She seeks to reduce regulations on business, secure sufficient education funding to reduce the need for local levies.

“The local schools should not have to constantly beg the taxpayers for these levy funds and cause a tremendous burden on property owners,” Ahrens said. “This constant fighting is very hard on our communities and divides us.”

Ahrens, like many other regional conservative Republicans, also supports local and state agencies taking control of federally-owned Idaho lands.

“… Local and state management of this land and resources would solve our school funding problems and other issues,” she said. “We can manage and preserve the beautiful area that we live in for us and future generations.”

Republican voters will go to the polls for the Idaho GOP primary election on May 8 next year.

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