What Do You Think About 7B Education?

By Marcia Wilson
Reader Contributor

What do you think about education in Idaho? The Panhandle Alliance for Education wants to know, and has just launched a community survey to help learn more about the values and concerns local residents have about our schools.

Quality education has many important benefits for everyone: leading an informed and interesting life, increasing income potential, building problem-solving skills for life’s challenges and improving chances of success in life, regardless of how one defines “success.” In our ever-changing and challenging world, schools matter — to our children, our quality of life and the future of our community.

Education is important to a community, and business leaders recognize the value of quality schools. When hiring local graduates or recruiting outside talent to our community, education plays a vital role in the success of both scenarios. What is the second question asked of Realtors everywhere? “How good are the schools in this community?” The question speaks volumes about the widespread concerns for quality education.

The Panhandle Alliance for Education (PAFE) has embarked on an exciting next step. After 15 years of serving the Lake Pend Oreille School District, the organization is reaching out to local citizens with an important survey to better understand local values, priorities and potential new directions.

“Our survey represents the first time PAFE has formally asked our community-at-large for their opinions about education. We are looking for valid data about our communities’ understanding of education in Idaho, desires for local schools and dreams for all children,” said Ross Longhini, PAFE board member and Strategic Business Advisor.

The results of the survey will be instrumental in determining how a nonprofit organization like PAFE, with the sole objective of encouraging quality education and support for our Lake Pend Oreille School District, can make our town a better place to live for all residents.

To access the anonymous five-minute survey and have your opinions counted, click here: pafe-march-survey

The Panhandle Alliance for Education is a nonprofit organization composed of local citizens, business leaders and educators. Its mission is to promote excellence in education and broad-based community support for the Lake Pend Oreille School District. Donations are distributed as a working pool of money to fund grants to Lake Pend Oreille School District educators, strategic educational programs and the READY! for Kindergarten program.

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