The Straight Poop: ATT Wireless Store

By Drake the Dog
Reader Columnist

Where am I taking my humans today?  Sade’s “Smooth Operator” keeps playing over and over in my head. Is it because I, too, am a fashionable guy who is popular with the ladies and would love to live a jet-set lifestyle?  Dream on, because here comes the clues:

Drake and Business Manager Alyssa Piehl.

• Men like these things with lots of buttons…it makes them feel important.

• I don’t own this (yet)… I just hang around with everyone I know all the time.

• Consumer polls every year rate this the best in the field!

• Items sold here are frequently found in the shower, the bathroom and even in your bed.

• Customers come here frequently to learn new tricks.

• The company has more than 16,000 U.S. retail locations — one of which is in Sandpoint.

• This U.S. business is the second largest provider of its services.

• And when the Mister fell asleep on his the other day … it downloaded a nap!

I left my phone under my pillow last night, and when I woke up, it was gone, and there was a dollar there. I think it was the Bluetooth fairy. One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy — we’re getting a new leash on communications at the ATT Wireless store, located at 768864 Highway 95 in Ponderay. Alyssa Piehl, assistant business manager greets us with a smile. Look who is here: Captain Dan and his wife (parents to my buddy Hunter), are fetching a new cellular toy. Alyssa grew up here, attended Sandpoint High, NIC and graduated from Unitek in San Francisco with a major in emergency medicine. She has been at the store two years, because she “was sick of folks puking on her!” She collaborates with the small team of Adam Rounds, Store Manager and associate Kalum Donova.

 ATT is taking a bow-wow because they have been the BEST network for over 20 years. Alyssa shared with us that every year there is a random consumer poll (no employees). They are asked to rate network carriers about these topics: customer service, coverage and inventory. Let’s pawz to learn how this store is raising the woof on each category right here in the Point.

Best customer service:  This small store is pawsonal!  The staff spends quality time with folks who love going retro with flip phones, those who have graduated to smart phones and even our friend who has a mobile phone shaped like an Italian dumpling. Aww, he’s so fond of his gnocchia. 

Everyone here knows your name, and they are glad you came.  My auntie, who just had a birthday (she is 29, plus shipping and handling), and her smartphone pack come to the store frequently to learn new tricks, such as video conferencing, Facetime, texting, downloading apps, attaching photos to email, hot spots and emoji definitions. I recently heard a customer asking Siri, “Surely I don’t need an umbrella today, do I?”  Siri replied, “Yes, and don’t call me Shirley.”  Turned out he had the Airplane mode on!

Best inventory: According to Alyssa, Apple is the top dog right now. They have all the latest iPhone models, iPads and watches.  If an item is not in stock, and it is hot, hot, hot, they can order it and deliver it right to your business or doghouse, or you can pick it up in the store. Breaking news: A new survey just revealed that 69 percent of folks check their phones while in the bathroom and 22 percent while taking a shower. I can’t picture myself without a camera phone!

Best coverage:  Watch out Clark Fork – you can you hear me now! ATT is the BEST carrier when covering rural areas and the North Idaho region. Why?  Because these top dogs are now paired with First Net, which is an emergency network for first responders. This exclusive wireless communications ecosystem is designed by first responders for first responders. It keeps the first responders in the service ‘fast lane’ 24/365, even during times of congestion. Now that’s fur-ward thinking because this communication upgrade was long overdue. 

Currently there are 24 more towers being added from Hayden to Noxon and all the way to Eastport. In addition to locals, customers come from Troy, Thompson Falls, Whitefish and beyond. ATT beat out Verizon, Consumer Cellular, Sprint and T-Mobile in 2018 for best growth and coverage. I’m sorry to report, Luke Skywalker — these guys are not on your Yodaphone network.

Who is barkin’ lowest price out there? The ATT Wireless Sandpoint team offers discounts and promotions for our local businesses, such as Litehouse, first responders, active and retired military, Home Depot, Walmart, Sandpoint Consulting and many others.  Go visit these guys and dig up yours.

ATT Wireless Dog Rules:

1. We’re dog friendly if the dog is friendly — come on in.

2. No pups in the car, please.

3. Leashes optional, as long as we’re good boys and girls. 

4. Leave your magical fibers in the store — they help improve coverage

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