The Straight Poop:

Cedar St. Bistro Wine Bar

By Drake the Dog
Reader Staff

Where am I taking my humans tonight?

I’ve been invited to bark out an exclusive Winter Carnival  “scoop” on the soft opening of the new Cedar Street Bistro Wine Bar. This joint is jumpin’, and there’s no place to sit like a good dog. The attendance here tonight is exceeding owners Tim and Manuela Frazier’s expectations, and it’s time to wine down!

Drake gives his paw of approval to Cedar St. Bistro’s new Wine Bar expansion.

Drake gives his paw of approval to Cedar St. Bistro’s new Wine Bar expansion.

As the Mister and Missus socialize, wine bar manager, Marsha Meury, original owner of Mad Mike’s Coffee Shop, offers them a complimentary glass of champagne. Wowza, look at Maggie McCallum! She has traded her morning barista look for evening wine server fashionista attire. Ruff! Ruff!

Guests are arriving, and drum roll please—Marsha is pouring the first Bodhizafa IPA for Sandpoint local Larry Roketa. He praises this offering, and exclaims “This tastes like a hoppy India Pale Ale.”

Larry and friends got here early to snag a table and listen to the live music before venturing down the street to the concert at the Panida. They love the assortment of over 12 high-end cheeses, specialty meats and over 80 wine and craft beer selections that can only be found here.

My buddies April Jacobson, Natalie Linscott, Carrie Baker and Lea Evans got me a merlot, as they stop and pet me while they order a bottle of wine. The gals are making future plans to stroll downtown, shop and introduce their K9 family to this dog-friendly town!

Manager Marsha Meury and longtime CSB employee Maggie McCallum.

Manager Marsha Meury and longtime CSB employee Maggie McCallum.

Oh look, here are my pals Forrest Schuck, Char, Mary Jo and Jeff Bond (self-acclaimed “wine snob,” as he puts it). They are giving four paws up to the Liberty School Cabernet. Jeff orders a bottle, as his wife, Cindy, is on her way, and he admits he shouldn’t drink the entire bottle himself. He is happy to have a new tenant on the Bridge, and shared: “We were trying to do this upstairs but couldn’t get the right fit. I am so glad Tim has expanded the businesses.”

Many of the attendees here tonight are wagging their tails in anticipation that the Wine Bar will offer a club membership and private wine tastings. Personally, my pack is looking forward to a Vino Fido Club that will feature K9 label wines, such as Dog Box Red, Huntaway Reserve and offerings from Dog Point Vineyard, Washington state’s Sleeping Dog Winery, France’s Longue-Dog Winery, California’s Mutt-Lynch Winery and Cru Vin Dogs from Colorado. According to Cru Vin Dogs, each label honors a real dog that has a special story-a reminder of how empty this world would be without the unconditional love and devotion of “man’s best friend.”

Tim had some ruff ideas for the wine bar concept for a few years, but he dialed it in when he visited a similar site while on vacation in Eugene, Ore. The wine bar expansion was a natural extension, since he already had most of the bistro elements in place; seating, huckleberry products, a kickin’ creative breakfast and lunch menu that includes healthy dog treats! Now, all the CSBWB needs is a few more team members. C’mon folks, that ball ain’t going to fetch itself!

CSB Wine Bar Dog Rules:

1. Bring your own glass

2. Leashes required

3. K-9 seating outside the main

restaurant area and upstairs

4. OK to sing along with the musicians

5. Wine Bar Hours:  Thursday to Saturday, 5-9 p.m.

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