The Straight Poop:

Petal Talk

By Drake the Dog
Reader Pet Columnist

Where am I taking my humans today?

As a blanket of snow builds on itself, and friends enjoy each other’s company clinking glasses during short days and long cozy nights, the Mr. is on a mission. His New Year’s resolution is to plan ahead for those special moments in his life. Pretty good for a guy, huh? Actually, having me around is really helping him out on this one, because if I run out of food, it’s not a special occasion! So, we’re walking, exercising and shopping for a birthday gift for The Missus.  Onward to Petal Talk, located at 120 Cedar St., where the petals do talk to the designers.

Sixteen dog-friendly years ago, owner Nicole French bought the flower shop, which specializes in original artistic arrangements, novelties and imaginative gifts.

Kim Helms, left, and Petal Talk owner Nicole French, right, pose with Drake.

Kim Helms, left, and Petal Talk owner Nicole French, right, pose with Drake.

Her love and passion for flowers drew her to the business. She had always dreamed of having a storefront on Main Street in a little town. The shop got its name from the old classic movie “Pillow Talk.” Her mission is: “The true art is the flower itself. We have the skill to put it together, and nature provides us with beauty. Nature offers endless possibilities, and so does our team.”

The Mr. and I are greeted by Graphite, a three-year-old pound mix that Nicole adopted from the shelter. He is the official shop dog, and his duties include acting as the delivery wingman and greeting customers.

Graphite gets his kicks by keeping the gals happy and chewing on stems that have dropped on the floor. Unless it’s wedding season, Graphite is in the shop on Saturdays. He likes to sit by the front door and watch for customers and Dave the mailman. It’s amazing how many customers have at least one dog! Graphite finds a way to get onto every couch; he loves doggie sleep-over’s, and sticks.  This handsome dude aspires to be the cover dog on Doggie GQ.

Ten years ago, Kim Helms, Petal Talk’s design manager, and her husband were on their way to buy a boat. Instead they took a sharp right turn, found a breeder and brought home a German short hair named Penny instead.

When experiencing Petal Talk’s barkin’ customer service, I’ve learned that flowers and dogs play a big part in our lives. Petal Talk specializes in holiday, birthday, wedding, sympathy and everyday arrangements. Every design is different and depends on the needs of the customer and the doggie guests—I kid you not!

How fun it must be to matching linens and napkins to flowers. And dressing doggie ring bearers collars with blooms for their walk down the aisle!  Hey folks… I’m available!

Nicole and Kim have to be dog friendly everyday. Nine out of the ten houses they deliver flowers to have dogs.

“We have to know how to read a dog on property, whether it is rural or in the city,” said Nicole. “On occasion, we have to call the owner when we pull into the driveway so they can instruct their dog to let us out of the van. ‘Guarding the house’ is a popular canine occupation in our neck of the woods!”

Then a tear came to Nicole’s eye:

“Flowers play a big part in our lives, especially when four footed furry children have gone to the rainbow bridge,” she said. “Folks send flowers to the family, and are always for a loss of words. Petal Talk has created a resource to assist customers with things to say, as they listen to the choir of the petals.”

Petal Talk rules:

1. Perk up your ears and listen to the choir of the petals.

2. Make your life easier—give the Petal Talk your special occasion flower dates for the year and they will take care of the rest. Now that’s tail waggin’ news!

3.  Rose petal stems have thorns….be careful with those sticks!

4.  Empty, clean, flowerpots make great water bowls.

5.  Avoid the rush…Order your Valentine’s flowers…now!

6.  Enjoy the experience of Petal Talk…come in and smell the roses.

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