The Straight Poop:

Great Stuff

By Drake the Dog
Reader Pet Columnist

Where am I taking my humans today?

The last of the turkey leftovers have been consumed (sad sigh) and now I need to get serious about finding great gifts! Since my gig at the Reader pays big bucks, I’m hoping that this dog friendly business will offer me a good conversion rate as I barter with my bag of doggie treats.

Wait for it, wait for it, surprises await for those who guess where I’m going. Here goes:

•The namesake for this place was The Zoo

•This is the most unique store in Sandpoint

•Customers come here from all over the world

•They have art you can play with

•Tagua nuts live here

•The black lab shop dog never needs to be walked

•Got Gar Licity?

•Sweet treats abound

•This place is a duster’s delight!

Go fetch! I got me some Great Stuff, located at 313 N. First Ave. Robin Campbell has owned the store since 2004, which was originally called The Zoo. When the first owners sold the Sandpoint store, the new management renamed it “Great Stuff” because folks would come into the store, look around and say, “Wow, what great stuff!”

Robin Campbell poses with Drake and Belle, the stuffed shop black lab.

Robin Campbell poses with Drake and Belle, the stuffed shop black lab.

Robin bought the store a few years later. She did not want to change the name, even though I suggested that she consider “Barkin’ Great Stuff.” She told me that our town boasts a tourist economy, however, she tries really hard to stock good value, unique, wonderful gifts with a broad range of prices that appeal to locals as well. In the early days, nobody brought dogs into the store. They were tied to the bench outside the store.  As our town became more paw friendly, Robin would invite them into the store (if they brought in their human). I was so excited to finally meet the black lab shop dog. At first I thought that my BFF Belle was holiday shopping, until I took a sniff—you know the doggie handshake. The black lab was stuffed!

As I tour the store, I am finding great (gift) stuff that will make you drool. Bring a tissue, no slobbering in here.

The Missus loves to curl up by the fire with me and read.  So how ‘bout a Peeramid Book Rest. This fabric goodie is designed to hold a book or an e-reader at a comfortable angle for reading. My kitty sister and I love to play those games on the Missus’ iPad, so this gizmo makes it easy for us. Wowza there’s a pocket on each side perfect for holding treats (or glasses) and a built in bookmark!

The Mister’s grandson loves to play Brainiac games. Check out the travel friendly versions that fit neatly into a stocking or backpack.

The mini racer cars zoom fast on the wood floor. Fur babies love to chase them.

Personally, my paws are going for the art that you can play with: balance toys, seascapes, steampunk switch plate covers, wind chimes, spirals and solar powered globes.

The sand pictures will keep me focused for hours while I gnaw on my dent treats.

Need to bring something for a holiday party? Mix 1/3 jar of Gar Licity with oil and cream cheese and spread on crackers. Barkin’ good!

I’m saving the best for last: chocolate (I’m taking the Missus’ word on this). The “Sweet Treat Counter” is stocked by a family owned business that has been making chocolate for years. This quality candy has no wax or hydrogenated oils. Robin never gets tired of watching people’s faces when she gives them a sample. They can taste the difference!

Great Stuff snowballs?  These festive treats are made with pretzels and sweet yogurt. No throwing these in the store, please.

Local addicts blend their personal sweet stash of raisins peanuts, cranberries, pecans cherry and butter coffee colored peanuts daily.

Be sure to get some of the World’s Best Gummies for all your BFFs. Great chew toys!

And now for the best part:  Robin loves fur babies. Her two cats Bella and Lizzie fit her lifestyle. The selection of greeting cards features these two felines, courtesy of Robin’s photographer sister. Hey Robin, when can I pose for the Drake card?

Great Stuff dog rules:

1. Tail control requested (bigger dogs)

2. Leashes or dog purses required

3. Good manners, please

4. OK to growl or bark at the black lab shop dog, but not at the customers

By the way, I’m still looking for Arfsolut Vodka and Kennel One. Does anyone know a dog friendly business that stocks these?

Sandpoint. Shop Small…Shop GREAT!

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