The Reader invites public to a town hall on ‘the Couplet’

By Reader Staff

The Reader is hosting an open town hall to discuss “the Couplet” concept for widening and reorienting U.S. Highway 2, which has made the news in recent weeks. 

The event is scheduled for Monday, March 20, from 5-7 p.m. at the East Bonner County Library Meeting Room B, and will be an informal opportunity for city residents to see enlarged maps and discuss details of the plan, offer their opinions, ask questions of former city staff members who were directly involved in the similar “Curve” plan more than a decade ago and share any insights.

Invitations have been extended to members of Sandpoint city staff and elected officials, and all Sandpoint and Bonner County residents are welcome to come hear information about the Couplet and share their insights and opinions.

The meeting will hopefully be shared via Zoom so attendees can participate remotely if unable to be there in person. Check next week’s Reader for a Zoom link.

The Reader will also distribute surveys at the town hall to poll those in attendance on their support or opposition to the Couplet concept.

After the meeting, the Reader will compile the information gathered from the public and make it available to city leaders.

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