Short stories define ‘Country Drunk’ with humor

Local author embellishes horrors and hijinks of local pastime

By Reader Staff

Sandpoint area writer J.J. West announces the recent release of Campfire Tales, the second in a series of humorous short stories about rural life in North Idaho. Arranged into 34 tales of backwoods benders and dirty deeds, the cringe-worthy antics ensue at a renowned family farm when its patriarch — a retired reform school teacher — takes in anyone with a pulse to help make ends meet.

“Everyone in Bonner County knows someone in this book,” West said. “And everyone around here knows of a place like this along their road. The neighborhood eyesore with all the junk cars and trailers rotting into the ground and furniture on the front porch. The people that usually live there aren’t too easy on the eyes, either.” 

The author, a Sandpoint-area resident, was inspired to write the stories after a brief stint renting a room from a local farmer. 

“Let’s just say it was pretty rough,” West said. “That’s where I learned the meaning of the term ‘country drunk.’ I don’t think they ever even knew my last name or what time it was.”

Campfire Tales and its predecessor, Fiddlesticks! Tales From A Country Ghetto, are published by Bonner Media. Sample excerpts from each chapter and a complete character list are offered on the publisher’s website at Both books are available in paperback for $15 and ebook for $4 at local booksellers and major online retailers. Discounted orders and autographed copies can be obtained by contacting the publisher. Visit the website for more information.

Bonner Media was founded in 2019 and is based in North Idaho. The business specializes in independent and irregular works of art and literature with a kick, and encourages everyone to lighten up and laugh a little at the world around them.

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