Schweitzer roundabout to begin paving in November

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff Writer

Sandpoint Public Works Director Ryan Luttman said Wednesday that paving on the Schweitzer Cut-Off roundabout and bridge is scheduled to begin in mid-November. Luttman said this is the most recent scheduling information he’s heard from the project’s contractor.

Schweitzer Cut-Off Road was closed in June when the project began. The detour route, effective around the clock until the project is completed, includes West Bronx, North Boyer, Woodland Drive, Great Northern and Baldy Mountain roads.

Part of the roundabout project process, after it’s completion, will be to add an art component. Sandpoint Arts Commission Chair Carol Deaner said the commission is looking for artists to share their concepts in the coming months before the deadline on Dec. 31.

A selection panel will then review the proposed artist concepts, accept public opinions and then choose a winning artist in late spring. Installation of the art — a joint effort between the artist and a landscaper — is tentatively scheduled for June 2019.

Deaner said she’s not going to create a personal vision for the roundabout art until she sees the artists’ proposed concepts.

“It’s a gateway to the city, and to Schweitzer,” she said. “Hopefully it’ll be very attractive, and hopefully we’ll get us something that will blend itself into the environment.”

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