Sandpoint Onstage presents Sherlock

By Soncirey Mitchell
Reader Staff

Local playwright Teresa Pesce has channeled her inner Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in her new murder mystery Sherlock, presented by Sandpoint Onstage at the Panida Theater in a four-show run Friday, April 19, Saturdays, April 20 and 27 and Sunday, April 21.

Sherlock cast members, from left to right: Corey Repass, Eric Bond, McCallum Morgan and Andrew Sorg. Courtesy photo.

The brand new take on Doyle’s beloved characters has all the charm of a BBC drama and will transport audiences to 1900s England with its engrossing plot carried by talented local actors.

“The writing of all my plays begins with two characters having a conversation in my mind, and I just listen and write it down,” Pesce told the Reader. “Sometimes it’s comedy, sometimes it’s serious… people ask me how I come up with what comes out of their mouths and I haven’t a clue. They just said it, that’s all.”

Sherlock started as a conversation between Holmes’ housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson, and her neighbor, but reached new heights as Pesce fleshed out the mystery. 

Actor Eric Bond brings the titular character to life in what Pesce describes as a “Sherlockian miracle,” balanced by Cory Repass’ “intelligent and sensitive” performance as John Watson.

The conflict between Holmes and his famous nemesis Moriarty, played by Michael Bigley, is central to the drama.

“I began with a thought, ‘Where did Moriarty come from?’ and that evolved to the heart of the play and the source of murder and mystery,” Pesce told the Reader. “It is based on something I believe is true. There is no such thing as hate on its own. Hate is usually/always something else, twisted.”

Performances of the emotionally complex play will be Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 21 and 27 at 7:30 p.m., as well as a 2 p.m. show on Sunday, April 21. Tickets are $25 at

Sherlock is brisk, fast and funny when it’s not disturbingly close to the bone. It’s a drama, mystery and comedy,” wrote Pesce. “It’s great fun!”

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