No one hurt in Super 1 gunfire incident

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

A heated confrontation and an accidental gun discharge at Super 1 this weekend could have been much worse, according to Sandpoint police.

Police chief Corey Coon said no one was hurt in the road rage incident, which ended with an altercation and a brandished firearm at Super 1. The incident touched off when Garrett Huckaby, 20, and Peter Goullette, 22, raced each other in their trucks down city streets around 1 p.m. Saturday. They soon became angry as they cut each other off and exchanged obscene gestures.

Eventually Huckaby and Goullette went their separate ways. But later, Goullette pulled into the Super 1 parking lot and noticed Huckaby’s truck parked nearby. He went to confront Huckaby, who stepped out of his truck with a handgun. The two scuffled, and the gun accidentally fired into Huckaby’s truck, shattering a window.

According to Coon, Goullette is charged with a probation violation, racing and battery, while Huckaby is only charged with racing. However, prosecutors are still determining whether or not to pursue any weapons-related charges.

For Coon, the incident was a potential recipe for disaster that ended in a best-case scenario. Considering the number of people in the Super 1 parking lot at the time, it is fortunate that no one was hurt or killed by the accidental gunfire, he said.

“The parking lot was full of customers,” Coon said. “This could have been a much different story.” [CR]

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