Memorial Field open house scheduled

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

The much-anticipated final design for the Memorial Field grandstands and entryway is ready for a public debut.

Project planners have scheduled at open house to detail the final design and answer questions. The open house will take place 5 p.m. Wednesday, May 11, at Memorial Field. The architect and design team, community liaisons, project advisers and city staff  will come ready with planning documents, images and more, providing a vision for the future of the iconic athletic field. If weather proved uncooperative, the open house will move to Sandpoint City Hall council chambers.

An artist's rendition of how Memorial Field will look after the construction is finished. Drawing courtesy of Friends of Memorial Field.

An artist’s rendition of how Memorial Field will look after the construction is finished. Drawing courtesy of Friends of Memorial Field.

“I’m impressed with how focused [the planning team members] are on making sure everything is accounted for,” said Mose Dunkel, public liaison for the Sandpoint Parks and Recreation Committee. “This is one of the biggest projects the city has tackled (no pun intended). Along with it being so iconic to so many people, there is a very strong desire to really do it right.”

The open house comes in advance of the May 18 council meeting, when members will consider a bid package to advertise for contractors. From there, the project should proceed according to schedule, with the last day of the existing stadium falling on Sept. 17, construction starting around Oct. 3 and the new facility ready by June 2017 before high school graduation.

The stadium’s $2.75 million cost will be funded through a local option tax passed by voters last November. The measure added a 1-percent sales tax to all Sandpoint purchases.

“From my perspective, I encourage people with concerns to speak up now directly to myself,” said Dunkel. “I feel like I can bring light to most if not all perceived issues. Community involvement is important for this project because it is going to be passed on to our future generations.”

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