Litehouse to expand Utah facilities

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Following up on an expansion of Sandpoint production facilities initiated last year, Litehouse announced plans this week to triple the size of a production plant in Hurricane, Utah.

The expansion will add 180,000 square feet to the Hurricane facility, bringing with it an additional 165 jobs. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the project amounts to a $40 million investment, and after working with the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the company secured almost $350,000 in incentives to begin work.

“We are excited to reinvest in the communities where we live, by adding new jobs and new employee-owners to the Litehouse family,” said Jim Frank, Litehouse CEO, in a press release. “Our employees, innovation and capability to be flexible in a changing consumer environment is what has led Litehouse to the success we’re enjoying today.”

The Hurricane expansion is just the latest examples of growth for the Sandpoint-based food and dressing company. Last year, Litehouse broke ground on a 26,000-square-foot expansion to its Ella facility in Sandpoint. The expansion added a new cooler, shipping and receiving center, loading dock and a wastewater treatment facility and was perceived by many as a commitment from Litehouse to stay rooted in the town of its origin. As with the Hurricane expansion, a partnership with government made the project more affordable. Bonner County commissioners agreed to a five-year deferment on additional tax obligations for a portion of the building and equipment investment.

In addition to the Sandpoint and Hurricane expansions, Litehouse has also recently authorized a 55,000-square-foot facility expansion in Lowell.

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