Vote for Ken Meyers…

Dear Editor,
After growing up on a wheat farm in western Montana, Ken Meyers went on to become an educator and administrator at Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. His experience taught him that good things happen when you have a vision that improves people’s lives, and you move toward that goal by listening with respect and working together.
Ken’s vision for Idaho’s future is a state where our children and grandchildren can freely access, and enjoy public lands, while still benefitting from them economically (“Taking back” our federal lands is a bad idea).
He wants an Idaho that no longer needs a Constitutional Defense Fund that tries to defend unconstitutional laws and has not won a case in over 15 years—spending over $700,000 in attorney fees and plaintiff awards in 2015.
Idaho needs a healthy economy with a higher minimum wage and we need to keep our current businesses while attracting new ones. And Ken wants an Idaho that does the right thing in closing the Medicaid gap, thereby providing health insurance for the working poor, and where we become serious about mental health issues.
We need an Idaho that recognizes the importance of education in improving our economy and pays teachers accordingly.
And where qualified students are financially able to receive advanced technical training or a college education. Let’s provide our children and grandchildren with the tools they need for the 21st century.
Vote for Ken Meyers.

Ken Thacker

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