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Dear Editor,

I am currently the principal at Washington Elementary School. I went to school here as a child. I started school in 1959 in this same building – the two story part. It was new when I attended. Mrs. McCurdy wrote our lessons on the chalkboard. We hung our coats in the cloak closet. I have wonderful memories of Washington Elementary School.

During the years of my school experience, they build the section nearest Boyer Ave. It was brand-spanking new when I went there. State of the art.

But today—more than a half century later—with five decades of 200-300 children here 180 days each year, our school is the opposite of “state of the art”. Chalkboards are still here, covered with erasable whiteboards AND overlaid with computerized SmartBoards. The windows are still single pane, the floors still bury the old boiler pipes that are rusting and decaying. The wiring is not adequate to carry the current needed for contemporary educational devices; so wires are strung across walls and ceilings, circuits shut down when we run to many devices.

None of these woes are the fault of the school district. They have done a great job of maintaining the structure with the dollars they have. The state of Idaho does not allot money for the type of work that needs to be done. Idaho leaves that up to the local voters to determine when to remodel and when to rebuild. It is time.

We love our school, we have a close community, but we need your support. If we want our children to be able to learn in the 21st century so they can move into the next phases of life and be all they can be when they are grown, it is time to rebuild. Thank you for your consideration of this levy.

Sandy Rainey Maras

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