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Dear Editor,

If you will be voting in the Republican Primary Election on May 16, I encourage you to vote Carol Kunzeman for Bonner County Commissioner. There are many things that I love about living in Bonner County — from our beautiful surroundings and strong sense of community to people like Kunzeman who are passionate about working for it.

Upon recently meeting Kunzeman, I was impressed by her genuine nature and common-sense approach to public service. She is respectful and ready to listen to all citizens of the county that she would represent as commissioner — which is something that I cannot say about her opponent after his first term in office. While welcoming input from citizens across the board on all issues, Kunzeman will seek reasoned and pragmatic solutions that benefit our communities.

Carol Kunzeman already has considerable experience in local government, having served as Ponderay’s mayor for eight years and a councilwoman for five years before that. She has a proven track record of bringing balance, transparency and respect to the offices she has held and having a positive impact on the county. Local government plays a large role in the growth and development of communities — and there are many important policy decisions made at the county level that can tangibly affect our lives. I encourage you to learn more about Kunzeman at, and vote for her on May 16!

Brita Olson

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