Un-Fair Timing…

Dear Editor,

Just want to wish all a good time at the 4-H and commercial goods show Aug. 8-11 this year. Also that you don’t mind paying admission to a public tax-supported event (it’s not a parking fee folks. Park across Boyer in the LDS lot and walk across, you still have to pay).  Also nice to see they co-ordinated their dates with The Festival at Sandpoint.

Kinda curious though, I wonder what ever happened to the Bonner County Fair? You know, the event that used to be for everyone, like those who grew gardens and entered their “ripe” vegetables and fruit and their canning and preserving skills. Then there used to be the church dining halls with their generous helpings of comfort food the end of August or early September when the weather would turn away from 80- and 90-degree “summer” heat.

One could go to the Spokane Interstate Fair the second week of September, but the size makes it so impersonal. 

Ah, well, the olden days. I guess everything changes or in this case, goes away over time, but I still miss the Bonner County Fair.

Lawrence Fury

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