The world gone crazy…

Dear Editor,

With all the violence going on by both citizens and the authorities, it seems the world has gone crazy. What could be causing this? One of the most obvious reasons is there is just too many people in the world. Another obvious reason is religion.

There are some other possible explanations beside these two.

1. It has been known for awhile that the earth’s magnetic field is weakening. However, it was recently discovered that it is weakening about 10 times faster than thought.

2. The Schumann resonance of the earth which mankind has lived with for thousands of years is undergoing drastic changes.

3. Our solar system is currently passing through our galactic axis.

4. The manmade biological assaults we are currently being subjected to: overuse of pesticides which we are ingesting because of GMO produce. As for GMO foods themselves, which the FDA does not test for safety, when scientists insert a gene from one species into another species’ DNA to create a GMO, they need to artificially turn on that gene by using a promoter which turns on that gene 24/7. Research has shown that once this promoter has made it into our bodies it can permanently and randomly turn on other genes within our DNA 24/7. This means there is the potential for genes we DO NOT want turned on being turned on.

5. Circumcision at puberty, which is the case among followers of the Muslim faith.

“With the violent sexual shock, at the onset of puberty, the sensorial perceptions suddenly become purely sexual. This drains the masculine energy towards sex, maintaining it there in a continually erotic state. As a consequence of this practice, a stoppage of the intellectual faculties and even a regression due to sexual excess may be produced.” — Carlo Suarès, The Cipher of Genesis

Circumcision at puberty has the potential for creating fanatics. It does not mean it will.

What I am implying is those on the edge and/or those with fragile psyches/egos and various mental disorders (e.g., PTSD, sociopathy and psychopathy) are susceptible to those cosmic forces listed in 1-3 as well as the manmade ones in 4 and 5.

Lee Santa

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