The Tip of the Iceberg…

Dear Editor,

With Republicans in control of the House and Senate and Trump in the White House, you would think Congress could manage to pass some of their wish-list legislation. Yet, it’s difficult to see any constructive success, aside from: failed attempts at dismantling health care and threats to abolish Social Security and Medicare, pushing dictators into Twitter wars and possibly into an actual crisis, lies about tax reform that clearly and blatantly favor the wealthy, taking protections away from consumers and making it easier and more profitable for banks and corporations to abuse the public, dismantling laws that protect the environment and stepping back women’s health care rights.

But there is one thing I’ll credit Trump and his supporters with. While running his campaign on a platform of name-calling, bullying, scare tactics, dishonesty and bravado, the world was informed via videotape that Trump is an admitted sex offender, with no respect for his wives, family and a complete lack of morals. Yet, with this information, for reasons beyond comprehension, people voted for him. Fathers, husbands, wives, mothers and Christians voted for a man who believes he’s above the law, and that it’s perfectly acceptable to sexually assault women. His election was a stab in the back to women and all victims of sexual assault.

Now that the ugly underbelly of our society is out of the bag, with a sexual predator signing executive orders willy-nilly, which he doesn’t fully comprehend, women are enraged. The election of a reality TV loudmouth with little character and decency has invigorated voters. Women are sick of being objectified in a country that boasts of its superiority and patriotism. Parents are also fed up with the lack of compassion and concern for their children, as we all should be regardless of party.

With courageous resilience women are speaking out like never before, naming and shaming their perpetrators. So thank you, Trump, for starting an avalanche of assault victims coming forward saying enough is enough. I’m grateful to the men who have also named their attackers, with them taking part in naming the depraved behavior of the abusive scum who walk among us, we have strengthened the voice of those who have been ignored, mocked and abused. We are possibly only seeing the tip of the iceberg of a wave of accusations, as victims are no longer suffering in silence in a shame that isn’t theirs to carry.

Cindy Aase

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