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Dear Editor,
Our Founding Fathers recognized that everyone is born with certain ‘inalienable’ rights. They then set about, as much as humanly possible, to design a system of government with a primary function to protect those inherent rights. Unfortunately, too many people today seem to think the government somehow came first and granted us certain privileges.
Those of you who have demonized the open carry of firearms have used two of those rights, freedom of speech and freedom of the press, to promote the restriction of another equally important right, the right to keep AND bear arms. How dare you! How dare you think you can pick and choose which rights are important, and for whom they apply. How dare you think you deserve the trappings of a free society while doing your best to tear down the very foundation upon which that society was built.
If you are brave enough to face reality and come from behind the lies you tell yourself and others, I challenge you to do three things:
1) Look up the definition of ‘inalienable’ in Webster’s dictionary.
2) Do a Google search for “quotes of the founding fathers about gun ownership” and actually read what they said.
3) Answer this question, which applies to all rights: Is a right truly a right if you have to ask someone else(including the government) for permission to exercise it?
And Mr. Marty Stitsel, while my remaining on this planet is most assuredly up to the Creator who placed me on it in the first place, it is very safe to say that you sure don’t deserve to be called an American.

Samuel C. Hogue

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