In Response to S.P.O.R.T. Group…

Dear Editor,

In response to the Brent Bidus response to my last letter concerning the so-called SPORT group:

I’m not against pensions. The recipients who have moved to Idaho, though, do not have to work but have changed the character of this state.

Their ability to pay has put the cost of housing out of reach for those of us who still have to make a living in this state that is 50th in income.

The assertion that the pensions are deferred compensation may be accurate, but those of Brent’s political viewpoint have no trouble trying to deny our right to the “hard-earned” entitlements that most of us have contributed to for much of our lives.

Nationally the Republican Congress is now attempting to cut Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare so as to help pay for the large permanent tax cuts they gave to the wealthiest while the rest of us get seven years of scraps. Not to mention the billions more for the military to continue nearly-two-decade-long actions in the Middle East.

Neither do the Republicans in this state have a problem stating that the governor can declare null and void a voter initiative expanding Medicaid to over 60,000  people if it passes.

Respect is a two-way street.  Equating those of us with differing views as deserving no more consideration than a clown is not that street. As far as clowns go, I’d rather be Bozo to their Pennywise any day.

Finally, I am aware of an individual living here who is from California where the person worked in private security and a certain California law enforcement agency. This person applied for disability through said agency and was initially denied. The individual then sued to receive it.

This person now appears to live the life of Riley. Has several nice vehicles, comes and goes frequently and never has to work. Gee, how can I get such a disability?

For the record, my father served in WW II, and my cousin’s 19-year-old grandson is a marine. The police and military often seem to consider themselves the center of the known universe. They exist to support our laws and protect our chosen form of government and society, not the other way around.

Lawrence Fury

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