Vote For No One…

Dear Editor,

This is just a reminder in this most vile of seasons, voting season, that voting is violence, and if we are going to move forward as a culture we need to embrace the idea that we should not violently coerce or restrict peaceful people from doing as they please. Voting is essentially this analogy: You are at a party with four friends. While you are in the bathroom, they order pizza. You come back and they say you owe them 10 bucks. You say you didn’t even want pizza, but they say, “Too bad, pay up or we’ll lock you in the closet.” You say, “Fine, I vote no.” They say, “The vote was 3-1, so you would have lost anyways.”

All laws are just opinions with a gun behind them. Do you want to live in a world where peaceful people are violently restricted from doing peaceful activities or peaceful people are violently coerced into doing sometimes-immoral things? THEN DON’T VOTE. “But what if everyone said that!?!?!” That would be great, because we would have evolved to a point where we realize GOOD IDEAS DO NOT REQUIRE FORCE. Do you realize every law you pass has to be paid for by YOU via the non-voluntary theft that is taxation? Democracy is mob rule and extremely uncivilized. We have been brainwashed as a culture to believe voting is matters. Voting is the coward’s way — make it someone else’s problem to make the world a better place. Why don’t we all as individuals take the responsibility to put it on our OWN shoulders to make the world a better place? Stay home on May 15 and improve the world around you in even a small way. It will go much further than voting for who you want your next master to be.

Anthony Capricio

Editor’s Note: This letter takes the prize for “Most Ignorant Letter of The Year.” So far.
-Ben Olson, Publisher

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