In Response To Mr. Gifford…

Dear Editor,

To paraphrase Mr. Gifford: “Common sense is in short supply”  with his letter. I do not know Mr. Gifford’s history, but as a native, born and raised here, recent weather and other related occurrences are very much out of place in my 60 years living here. The windstorm from a few years ago and the fires just a few months ago with over a week of smoke which even a “firestorm” from the ‘80s couldn’t duplicate are two examples.

I’m also sure that Mr. Gifford has the scientific credentials to overrule 95 percent of the scientific world in their climate change facts?

Mr. Gifford reminds me of a cartoon character from a few years ago based on the (original) “Planet of the Apes” movies.  This ultra-conservative guy is transported 2,000 years in the future when the apes rule. He is standing in front of the ruins of the Statue of Liberty. Dr. Zaius, the ape scientist is telling him how the climate changed due mainly to man’s influence, leading to man’s downfall and the eventual rise of the “Planet of the Apes.”

The conservative then says: “I’m still not convinced that global warming is anything but a liberal plot.” (Now don’t write another letter. It’s a metaphor. I know “Planet of the Apes” isn’t real). It just seems that even getting hit upside the head with a baseball bat can’t influence them.

Lawrence Fury

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