Re: S.P.O.R.T…

Dear Editor,

I always find something of entertainment value in the pages of the Reader, and the April 12 issue was no exception.

“President Ron Adamik” of the Safety-Peace Officers Retired to Sandpoint (S.P.O.R.T.) was this week’s source of amusement.

Course, this unofficial group is also known by its other name: “California Retired Association of Police.”

Now that Idaho and parts of three other states have become or have been taken over politically by the alt-rightists, the Redoubters and assorted other right-wing extremists, they have little to no fear from us native “floppy clown shoe wearing progressives.”

The F(au)X news source is their high priest whose words they don’t question as they tell it like it is. It’s not the “fake” news from the likes of CBS/NBC/ABC or CNN, which run a truly balanced agenda. They are called “fake news” by Donald “sexual predator” Trump because he doesn’t like stories that portray him in a negative light, just like all wanna-be dictators.

You know that Ron’s group are on the public dole, what, with their police and possibly military pensions and the like from those nasty liberal taxpayers in their home state. What would they care that a quarter of the people in this area rely on the food bank? What do they care that education spending is ranked 47th of all the other states? What concern is it of theirs that income is 50th of all states? And it’s no matter that of all the red states in the country with the exception of Texas (and that only slightly) are net recipients of federal aid while all blue states are net donors of federal tax money and much more prosperous.

No, Ron and his group can rest easy that this formerly purple state will stay deep red.

Lawrence Fury
(proud moderate Democrat and Sandpoint native)

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