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Money has always been a controversial subject. Finances—along with politics—don’t always make for polite dinnertime conversation. But what about education?  Should we avoid that subject as well?

In the last century, when many of us readers went to school, it was a relatively simple affair. A new notebook, a new pencil and maybe a “back-to-school” outfit seemed to be all that was required. With the onset of the millennium, however, things became infinitely more complicated.  Technology has changed our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. We can argue all day about whether technology is a blessing or a curse, but one thing is certain—it is here to stay.

Along with that new technology has also come knowledge. The knowledge that lead, asbestos and other toxic materials—once considered safe—are harmful to our children.  The knowledge that an education should be an asset provided to all – regardless of physical or mental disabilities. This knowledge, like the technology that bred it, is expensive.  But, given the choice, would any of us want to deny our children, grandchildren, or even their children the right to a safe, healthy education?

This levy may not be convenient, but it is necessary. School facilities, like any other infrastructure, will continue to erode with time and use.  To ignore the needs of our students now will simply create bigger problems in the future. For many of us, the future is unknown and nebulous, and a simple place to hide the issues that our schools now face. But I see the future every day—in the eyes of my two young daughters and their friends—and it is a wondrous place.  Let’s give our students the gift of a place of learning that matches the brilliance of their potential. Please vote YES with me on Aug. 30!


Nikki Luttmann
President, Kootenai Elem. PTA

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