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Dear Editor,

Registering as a Republican or as unaffiliated gives you the most flexibility in primary elections.

Political party rules apply to primary elections. You may be required to register as a member of specific political party in order to vote in that party’s primary election. (Republicans have the requirement, Democrats don’t). You may only vote in the primary election of one party.

(Party affiliation only impacts the primary election, everyone uses the same ballot in the general election.)

If you affiliate as a REPUBLCIAN you can vote on EITHER the Republican or Democratic ballot in the primary.

If you affiliate as a DEMOCRAT, you can ONLY vote on the Democratic ballot in the primary.

If you are UNAFFILIATED you can vote on EITHER the Republican or Democratic ballot in the primary.

(If you choose the Republican ballot, your affiliation will then be changed to the Republican party.)

What advantage is there in being able to choose a Republican ballot, if I want the Democrat to win?

Idaho is essentially a one-party state. (All state elected offices have been held exclusively by Republicans since 2010. The Idaho Legislature is 84-percent Republican in 2018. Currently, all elected officials in Bonner County are Republican.) Because the Republican candidates win an overwhelming number of elections the primary election is sometimes your only opportunity to make your vote count.

BEFORE you vote, and before you choose your ballot (Republican or Democrat or non-partisan)

•Educate yourself about all the candidates;

•Think about which races are most important to you.

To check your party affiliation:

• By phone: BC Election office (208) 255-3631

• Online:

To change your party affiliation:

• For the 2018 primary election you must change BEFORE March 9

• Call, or visit BC Election office, (208) 255-3631, 1500 Hwy 2, Suite #124, Sandpoint.

Jean Gerth

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