Never Again…

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed Ben [Olson]’s love letter to the country and related to the blessing of being able to speak up about injustice. Because I am American I do not fear when I write the following:

It is disturbing that our locals are ignorant of Jeanetta. People react to the gruesome tale with, “Where did this happen?” We must remember our history, lest we repeat it.

What was she accused of? What were her crimes?

To lie crumpled in blood, shot at five times.

I heard she was drunk and had a little knife.

This little woman threatened her own life.

Our tax-paid bullies had a smashing defeat

against a pregnant woman in the street.

In the internet video she wasn’t charging anyone.

Are police taught to shoot in haste… for fun?

“Oh shit!” yelled one murderer, when Jeanetta died,

Shocked that he killed, unable to hide.

Two bullets were lodged in the wall

of the ER of Sandpoint’s Hospital.

Jeanetta is the victim of multiple bullets and crimes.

There’s been no justice after she was shot five times.

Years later there are many more victims of cops.

They are beat up in schools, and shot down near shops.

Why aren’t guilty police questioned on trial?

Their guns ought to be taken from them for a while.

Am I alone in my alarm..

that our taxes keep bullies armed?

It’s obvious Jeanetta didn’t need to be killed,

staining Sandpoint by this blood spilled.

But Jeanetta need not be sacrificed in vain.

Police brutality in my community…. Never Again.

“Never Again” is the theme of this year’s memorial. Come to the location where she was shot in front of the ER if you want to pray for peace with me. Jeanetta sought help at our local hospital in the evening of July 8, 2014.

When the police arrived at 9:16 p.m., her demise was imminent. I will be playing Native American flute from 8-9 p.m., and we will hold silent meditation until 9:20 p.m., when Jeanetta was clearly dead. Join me in this declaration of peace and please stand with me and demand that this never again happen in Sandpoint.

Love and hope,

Jodi Rawson

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