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Dear Editor,

How far will Bonner County Commissioner Todd Sudick go to subdivide his waterfront property? Let’s follow the sequence. About six months ago the County Commissioners fired their two senior planners. Then they took the P&Z Commission out of changes to the planning laws, and did away with public hearings, unless they feel like it.

Our current comprehensive plan and land use codes were adopted after years of public meetings held all over the county, with great publicity. Following that, the Commissioners set up an ad hoc committee to recommend changes to the code on every single issue that the public had expressed concern over. Membership was open to every Bonner County citizen who wanted to be involved. I was on that committee. So was Patricia Sudick. Ms. Sudick appeared to be an obstructionist at every possible point.

Now and quietly, the commissioners eliminated verifying with a building location permit that sewage disposal is dealt with. A legal announcement let us know that a hearing is scheduled on a proposal meaning neighbors couldnít count on being notified when adjoining property is being divided into four parcels. It appears that 20- acre farm and forest zoning could quickly become five- acre zoning. Todd wrote, “we are looking at Zoning in order to change Ag 20 to Ag 5 and make lots along the water smaller than the 5 acre minimum that exist today.”

Todd and his wife have a 5 acre waterfront parcel that likely could be divided into two or three with looser zoning. Who is Todd representing with his changes that affect all of us in Bonner County? The public hearing is . . . at the County Building [later this month]. Please comment or attend.

Carol Jenkins

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