McDonald Keeps Promises…

Dear Editor,

Politicians making empty promises of which they can never deliver are a dime a dozen. And it describes Dan McDonald’s Republican primary opponent.

The smelter is a hot topic in all of Bonner County. All the facts surrounding the project are not yet available, but Carol Kunzeman has raised her hand in opposition regardless. She hasn’t waited for pertinent information on which to make an informed decision, but rather has promised her potential constituents that she’ll stop it in its tracks. The problem is: the project is in an adjoining state. So promising to affect the outcome of a decision that will be made by Washington rings hollow. Would she make decisions as commissioner without all the relative facts?

She’s also promising to pave roads in Bonner County. And while, heck, everyone wants decent roads, particularly those of us whose path home is dirt or gravel, a candidate for county office must understand that making promises like “more paved roads” comes with a price: namely, hefty tax increases for you and me. Again, it’s an empty promise that feels good, but won’t come to fruition, at least not without significant financial pain to all of us.

If you want a candidate who’s kept his realistic campaign promises — reducing expenditures while preserving services, accessibility, and respect for the taxpayer — your candidate is already holding office. Please vote for Dan McDonald on May 15.

Sandra Rutherford

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