Liberals Need to Develop a Sense of Humor…

Dear Editor,

I normally do not respond to negative articles about SPORTS, a premier fire and police association and social club I am privileged to serve as club president, or the greater law enforcement community. But Lawrence Fury’s 5-18-2018 article demeaning military and police needs to be addressed.

Liberals need to develop a sense of humor. My frequent reference to “big floppy clown shoe wearing” was originally absconded from former Sandpoint resident and far-left blogger Bob Wynhausen who used it against me and other conservative bloggers many years ago. I promptly turned it around and redirected it at him and the far left and it stuck, sort of my “calling card” ever since. And it brings a smile to my countenance every time I use it. <GRIN>

I used to blog against both Mr. Wynhausen and Mr. Fury but eventually ceased as they were getting more and more “Saul Alinsky like” in their scurrilous comments (i.e., like John Loback, 4-19-2018).

I would love to meet the retired police officer from California referenced in Mr. Fury’s letter, who he paints as a usurper of the retirement system. Not in SPORTS or anywhere-else in North Idaho do I personally know of such an example. The disability retired officers I know of from any state had to be pushed kicking and screaming into retirement regardless of their line–of–duty physical injuries, wanting to serve on protecting and serving the public. Knowing Mr. Fury as I do, I must opine that he is merely libeling some innocent retired and disabled police officer, or he invented the example he employs to detract from the police community.

What kind of person detracts from the police community? A virulent “cop hater” I suppose.

I wonder if Mr. Fury could successfully negotiate the daunting gauntlet of tests required to be a police officer? Unquestionably, I’d fail him on the oral board portion if he managed to get that far. The great ones do not bring known “cop haters” into their vaulted ranks.

Please bear in mind that I will not respond to Mr. Fury beyond this letter.

The SPORTS endorsement of conservative Republican District 1A State Rep. Heather Scott in the primary apparently helped; she won. Mission accomplished!

My sincerest thanks to the editor for printing this; thank you sir.

Closing, God bless President Donald J. Trump, the greatest U.S. President ever.


Ron Adamik

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