Dissension Obnoxious…

Dear Editor,
Jodi Rawson’s Sept. 29 letter to the editor took issue with my letters directed at Ben Olson. She stated “…the dissension is becoming a bore”. What she really meant to say is “the dissension has become obnoxious.”
If Olson, like Trump, wasn’t such an overweening person and had just retracted his very offensive accusation against me, I would not have written those letters Ms. Rawson finds “a bore.”
Now I ask you, Jodi, what would you do if someone falsely accused YOU of being a Holocaust denier in print? Sue?
There are other similarities between Olson and Trump beside the overweening one.
For example, like Trump, it is very easy to get under Olson’s thin skin.
Olson’s comments after many “Letter(s) to the Editor” is reminiscent of Trump’s tweets after someone has gotten under Trump’s thin skin.
In a private email I asked Olson to retract his stupid and ignorant Holocaust denial accusation which he refused to do. Also like Trump, Olson sees himself as never being wrong and will never admit it when he is.
I have challenged Olson several times to point out what in my article denies the Holocaust and he has been unresponsive.
Since Olson won’t publish my article that he claims denies the Holocaust go here: https://rabbiayatollahkrishna.wordpress.com to read it, and then tell me what you think. If you see anything in it that denies the Holocaust, do not pull an Olson, but be specific as to what it is and why. So Jodi, this shall be the last letter about this unless Olson chooses to extend it. By the way, Ben, when you aren’t making false charges, the Reader is doing a great job.

Lee Santa

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