Cross Words…

Dear Editor,

This is meant as a heads up to our community, and I hope will be taken in the context which it is written.

Let’s start a dialogue this year regarding gender shaming words. I picked up a copy of the Reader last week and started to do the crossword puzzle only to quickly realize a clue in the crossword referred to a filthy word which should have been placed in the “wastebasket of shaming” many years ago. I am referring to the term “slut.” The clue was “a promiscuous woman” at “9 down.” Really? Why are we still fighting these stereotypical derogatory words and phrases even today?

My problem with this word is there appears to be a double standard at work here. First, if a man is promiscuous he is considered a “stud” by his buddies, and some women might even secretly admit to admiring his behavior. If a woman is promiscuous she is a “slut” and not admired by women or men. It is a judgmental term which really ought to be kicked to the curb folks.

Let’s try and be more informed. Don’t stand for this type of gender shaming in our society or in crossword puzzles.

Marlene Petersen

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