Dear Editor:

With Ben’s indulgence, a P.S. to my letter last week:

Since when did Dan McDonald become the Bonner County Commission? The article in last week’s edition by Lyndsie Kiebert and the piece in the Daily Bee seems to indicate the McDonald is the only member of the commission that matters. Lyndsie’s article mentions Commissioner Connolly’s name once, Klatt three times and McDonald’s a whopping nine times. It’s all about him and what he thinks and does.

You know conservatives say that Democrats are the tax-and-spend party, but they have nothing on the conservative Republicans. The only ones they cut taxes for are the well off and corporations. Not only did the county cut spending, but they’re raising your property taxes 3 percent and gave themselves a 7-percent raise. How much, if anything, have you gotten in the way of a raise recently, let alone 7 percent?

Not only will this put upward pressure on your housing costs, but McDonald’s plan to charge other entities for dispatch services will either lead to  Ponderay and Priest River eliminating positions, or, as will more likely happen, they just raise their share of your property taxes. More upward pressure on your housing costs.

So during this fall’s campaign think about who and what you’re voting for: a party that wants a more level playing field or one that pays lip service to low taxes but in fact raises them on the average citizen either directly or indirectly.  

Lawrence Fury

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