Community activist Laura Bry passes away

By Cameron Rasmusson

Reader Staff

It’s with heavy hearts we report that well-known community member Laura Bry passed away suddenly this weekend at her home. She was 53 years old.

Laura Bry

Laura Bry

Over her two decades of residence in the county, Laura established herself as an active and enthusiastic volunteer for a number of organizations, including the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force, Community Assistance League, Boy Scouts of America and many more. She was also a leading member of the local Democratic Party and on several occasions ran for legislative office as a party candidate.

Just hours before she passed away, Laura wrote a Facebook post reflecting on her life in Sandpoint. This quote from that post probably sums up her feelings better than we could:

“I came here to raise a son in a small town that had copious natural beauty and recreation. I have had opportunities to leave, to make more money, to live in a more progressive community. I stay here because of my original reasons and because I live with the most good-hearted, generous people I have ever known.”

Obituary and services to be posted on her obituary page at

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