Kaniksu Land Trust names new director

Katie Egland Cox has joined Kaniksu Land Trust as executive director, the nonprofit conservation organization announced July 9.

Raised with an appreciation for nature in Moscow and Elk City, the Idaho native’s professional focus has been on education and architecture, “with a particular interest in building community,” according to a news release from KLT. Cox served as co-chair of the organization’s successful campaign to purchase Pine Street Woods, and holds various volunteer roles in Sandpoint.

Katie Egland Cox.

The mother of three came out on top in a pool of more than two dozen candidates for the executive director position, and will lead KLT in its mission to promote healthy communities and lands in North Idaho and northwestern Montana.

“The threads of Katie’s life have woven together her deepest passions: the landscapes of the Inland Northwest, the value of teaching and learning, the importance of community and the benefits of spending time in the outdoors,” KLT stated in the release. “As such, she is the ideal advocate for Kaniksu Land Trust, and will be focused on sustainability and growth in the years ahead.”

Contact Cox at 208-263-9471 or [email protected].

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