Idaho Mythweaver receives $5,000 check for matching gift

By Reader Staff

Winter is a time of healing, giving and receiving. Members of The Idaho Mythweaver have been working tirelessly to share and promote their Archive preservation work, and many people have made donations to help them reach a $5,000 matching goal by the end of 2017.

Bob Boeh, executive vice president of Idaho Forest Group, a strong supporter of The Idaho Mythweaver, has delivered the company’s check of $5,000 to Mountain West Bank representative, Josh Anderson, for The Idaho Mythweaver account.

Idaho Forest Group Executive Vice President, Bob Boeh, left, delivers $5,000 check to Mountain West Bank’s Josh Anderson, right, for The Idaho Mythweaver Native Voices fundraising campaign.

“Tribal culture and history are important parts of all communities throughout our operating area,” said Boeh. “Tribal government to government standing on all federal land management issues makes it important for our company to maintain strong working relationships which address mutual interests. Preserving these tapes and history maintains these working relationships and is the right thing to do.”

To match the Idaho Forest Group gift, many people gave – $5 to $1,000 – as a named or anonymous donor.

“Everyone’s generosity has made an astonishing difference to our Native Voices campaign”, said Jane Fritz, media director for the Mythweaver. “Each person is essential to the integrity and strength of our Circle of Friends of The Idaho Mythweaver Archive.”

In addition to Idaho Forest Group, other major donors were TransEco Services, Margaret Reed Foundation, Sahlin Foundation and Kauffman & Associates, Inc.

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