Hike Scotchman Peak’s winter wonderland

By Reader Staff

Hiking in wintertime is a rewarding experience in its own right, but once you get back home, warm food and a hot drink taste even better. The best part? For those who live near the Scotchman Peaks region, there’s no shortage of amazing places to explore. 

Dave Niesen leads the way in a snowshoe hike from early 2020. Courtesy photo.

Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness has launched its winter hiking season and there are already plenty of outings to add to your schedule. 

The scheduled hikes provide a chance to explore the region’s wild backyard on snowshoe with fellow nature lovers. FSPW volunteers will be leading snowshoe hikes around Spar Lake, up Star Peak and in the Ross Creek Cedars. Visit scotchmanpeaks.org/hikes-events-schedule to keep an eye on upcoming hikes as we add dates. You can count on hikes being fun, socially distanced and safe for everyone. 

As always, remember to dress warmly with good snow boots when hitting trails in wintertime. Visit scotchmanpeaks.org for more information on all our upcoming winter events and exploring the Scotchmans. 

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